Free Distribution Campaign of Sanitary Napkins to School Girls & Rural Women

As there are lots of myths and taboos associated with menstruation and also due to lack of education, rural women and school-going girls are not aware of the consequence of unhealthy sanitation nor are they keen to discuss menstruation-related problems in the open. The rural female and young girls will almost never ask a male shopkeeper for a packet of sanitary napkins. Even in urban areas, females are also hesitant to purchase napkins. Lack of accessibility and awareness are two common factors that further hinder the usage of napkins. Affordability is another issue in rural India where there is a constant fight for survival; usages of sanitary napkins become a want more than needed.

An intensive campaign is being run by the JAKS Srichand Foundation to alleviate this problem. To fulfill this purpose, about 200 women and girls from nearby villages were made aware of the above subject by conducting workshops and by distributing free sanitary napkins in the courtyard of Srichand Parvatiya Vikas Kendra, Village- Than Gaon, Distt. Dehradun (UK.) on 29th August 2021 and about 300 sanitary napkins were distributed to the school going underprivileged girl students from 8th to 12th standard of Sarvodaya girls School, Motibagh, New Delhi on 22nd February 2022

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