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Rural Education

Jaks Srichand Foundation has been established to lay down foundations to build future. It has envisioned that the gap between the two ends of the education spectrum – elementary education and higher/secondary education will be filled only if we all join together in meeting the objectives of providing education at all levels. Focus on rural education, educating the parents, providing more technical education for livelihood are some of the key areas we aim to begin with.

We have adopted a school in Western Uttar Pradesh in Rawli, district Ghaziabad. The school is built on rural land and caters to at least 5 villages in the district. JSF aims to create a space for children to become lifelong learners and provide awareness of the importance of education. 

The Foundation also aims to provide adult education to the parent of children, to begin with as a pilot under the Adult Education program of the Government of India.

Recently the foundation updated the infrastructural activities at the School by providing a full fledged computer lab with laptops & desktops. An interactive TV  has also been installed.  A library consisting of the encyclopaedia’s, research books  CD etc have been provided. Toilets and Sanitation facilities have been provided under Pradhan Mantri Swatchhata Abhiyan. Currently, due to COVID crisis, physical classes have been suspended as per Government orders. However, online classes are being provided to children through smart phones free of cost. 

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