Our Team

Ananya Srivastava (PROMOTER)

Ananya Srivastavais is currently doing her masters in Developmental Economics from London School of Economics after completing her graduation from Hindu College, Delhi University. Ananya has been active in various socio-cultural activities and community services right from their high school days especially in the field of health services, primary education, micro-financing, development of cottage industries and sustainable development. Currently she is associated with project development and research of Project Oorja which aims at providing cheaper solar lamps to street vendors across Delhi, Project Veerangana which aims at empowering women in diverse communities by developing projects for making them self reliant and Project Daycare which aims at refurbishing government Anganwadis all under ENACTUS, an international non profit organisation of students in Hindu College. She has also been actively contributing to Swalambhan- an NGO in imparting quality education to children from socially backward and underprivileged communities through interesting techniques.

Sheel Chandra (PROMOTER)

Sheel Chandra is currently doing final year undergraduate course in Molecular Biology and Genetics from UC Berkeley, California. She has the vision to promote a society where people of diverse cultures are able to develop and fulfil their economic, social, cultural and spiritual aspirations. Sheel has served as a volunteer for High School’s Youth Power Programme in Amity International School Noida, aimed at eradicating anemia for local villages in and around Delhi/NCR region. She was one of the core four Member team called “Rakthsha” which was an awareness campaign primarily to address malnutrition and anemia in urban slums near East Delhi. During her school days, she has also been an active campaigner for protecting and preserving the unique cottage pottery industry of nomadic communities in Katputli, Rajasthan in association with   ENACTUS of SRCC College, Delhi University. She is currently working as a Peer Educator in UC Berkeley Primary Health Centre and is engaged as a Resource Person for Community Health Services.

Anamika Srivastava (MANAGING DIRECTOR)

She has earned recognition for her dedication and commitment to the fight for educational equity. However, at the very early stage of her life she realized that children living in slums lacked access to quality education and were deprived of the skills necessary to compete in India’s formal, competitive job market. She has worked for the non-profit education project that provides after-school tutoring to children from low-income communities. She also works towards the welfare of animals and preservation of animal rights. She is known as a Strong woman who fights against sensitive issues such as child labor, house and control, sexual violence at work and domestic violence.

Poonam Singh (DIRECTOR)

Poonam Singh is a Social Activities and had been working with children and women for 15 years. She holds a Masters in Economics degree. She is a part of several organisations which are formed to assist and support women who are financially weak and helped them in getting educated.  She is continuously working throughout her life for the betterment of the woman not only in education but also curbing violence against women and social uplifting them as a whole.


Devanshu Srivastava (Project Manager)

He is an enthusiastic hard working man with a vast experience of serving the several agricultural research institutes of Government of India, in the form of making documentaries and organising events for the welfare of farmers.   

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